Body cameras help police and their critics when things go bad. Camera's are only part of the costs. Help us get body cameras to the agencies in your community.

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Risk Management Software keeps the facts straight! Your community deserves software that tracks training, use of force and more. 

Help us get this software to an agency near you. 

Simulators teach police and their critics when it is justifiable to shoot. Lets bring a simulator to your community. Help our fundraising efforts. 

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Our mission is providing body camera's, a better software solution that makes your community safer through accountability and bringing simulators to a city near you. These dreams take money and with the DE-fund movements things are only going to be worse. As a 501(C)3 Organization your donation or your endowment is tax deductible. Help us get these tools into your community and make a difference and lets RE-Fund our police agencies.     

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Giving Through Safety

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